Your brand tells us a story, we develop it for the people.
Creative Director
Vincenzo Parretta
1995, The path as a designer begins after the first approach to the world of visual from a young age with graffiti art. Following a degree in graphic design comes the desire to experiment and challenge each other in projects from various sectors, with particular interest in brand design and the online and offline user experience.
Marketing Manager Video Director
Lorenzo Ferrara
1996, Graduated with a Master Degree in Communication & Marketing at Sapienza University of Rome, working on video production since 2011. Focused on how to communicate and to whom; carrying out it in strategies, concepts and contents like brand naming, copywriting, screenwriting, video, post-production, visual effects, animation and more in the future.
Art Director
Luca Maletta
1995, specialized in Art Direction and Graphic Design at NABA in Milan, surrealist and 3D dreamer. Always looking for new techniques and innovative technologies to be used in the artistic field.
We are an Italian Creative Studio whose practice is established between the flow of innovative ideas and the plans to implement them.
From strategies to content we take care of your Brand identity. Headquartered in Italy with a worldwide vision.