Launch campaign made for Tormenta, a new CAMPERLAB sneaker available in four colorways made with a natural innovative and sustainable design. To launch these sneakers CAMPERLAB entrusted us with the development of a campaign consisting of a main commercial spot and its short version, a teaser, some contents for the early access and pre-order phase and some product stills. The campaign had an online presence, and in selected worldwide Camper stores, starting from the Tormenta launch event in June 2023 at Paris.
The direction and screenplay of the commercial focus on the naturalistic concept that represents the Tormenta sneakers. In addition to the innovative materials and sustainable design, the name also recalls nature as "Tormenta" is the Spanish translation of "storm". The environment of the commercial is the parking lot of a disused shopping center. It is a sinister place, which gives the impression that something is about to happen, just like in the pre-storm phase. At the center of the scene there is a glass box inside which we simulated a storm that creates the Tormenta sneaker.
CREDITS: Video Direction & Production by 0039 Studio Collaboration of Menhir Studios Volumetric Simulations by Raffaele Najjar Scan 3D shoes by EPHOTO Studio Sound design by Rocco Cavalera